Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Khovsgul horse trip ...

After 2 days of driving north we arrived in Khovsgul aimag (region) and the lake that is Mongolia's premier holiday destination.

It was simply great weather during our 3 days of horse riding along lakeshore and scaling the surrounding mountains. Loads of fantastic scenery - and also some of the best food of our trip as we dined on fresh fried fish which I'd helped a local family pull out of the lake.
3 days of riding and camping later and we returned to the village more than slightly sore - just as the weather turned to icy rain. Just 2 hours later and it had turned to blizzard drifting the snow waist deep in places.

The sudden snow stopped us leaving until much later the next day - but we knew we'd been lucky - had we still been out by the lake with just tents and horses it could have been far worse ...

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