Monday, May 21, 2007

Painting the town Red ... Moscow - part 2

Well, our night out in Moscow was one to be remembered ... It started well, and we found the recommended Indian restaurant no problem - only to discover it was dry after we'd sat down at our table. We decided to move on. After some searching the locality we ended up in a cellar bar with a nice atmosphere and half decent food menu, but more importantly beer. So we settled down to fajitas and lots of ice cold pints of Staropramen. We'd been there about 30 minutes when we realised most of the rest of the bar was there for a birthday party. If we hadn't realised already we would have around an hour later as the bar filled up and a certain critical mass of alcohol had been reached. Every minute the same girl would shout "hippy birt-day!", then every other minute would come a big shout in Russian and everyone would drink a shot of Vot-ka (see we've been learning Russian too!). This phase lasted around an hour and everyone was getting in very good spirits. Then something we didn't expect. Enter the stripper. Not just the standard UK pub stripper dressed as a police lady - but a very professional young lady indeed, who performed in 3 separate acts (each with it's own stage custume) lasting about 45 minutes overall. Then 2 of the party guests started pole-dancing, at the same time, in what can only be described as a well choreographed girl-on-girl routine. Clearly they we're professionals too. Then everyone else started having a go (including the men), and in case you hadn't guessed the party was in full swing by now. By the time we left to catch the last to catch the last Metro home, the second table full of plates and glasses had just gone over - we figured the party had probably reached it's zenith ...
Next day, and nursing a pair of very sore heads indeed we headed off to Red Square & the Kremlin for some slightly more sedate cultural activity - more photo's from there on my flickr account. Tomorrow we head off on our trans-Mongolian train journey - so it's off to the local shop for a litre or two of that cheap Stoli ......

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