Friday, April 20, 2007

greetings from N 53 50.378, W 1 30.273

And here's the view from that very spot, just 0.16 miles from my front door ... it would have been a photo of a Lemur from Tropical World - but they only seem to come out on sunnier days.

I've spent this afternoon in my local park testing out my new GPS - a big thanks to everyone in the office for such a great leaving gift.

Last night was my official leaving drinks from work, it was great to have a final beer with you - over the last 10 years I've made some really good friends and I know I'll miss you all. I don't recall it's name, or even who bought it ... but I'm sure it was the shot with the whole cherry at the bottom that did for me in the end. Enough said.

Over the next 3 days I'll be sorting the last few items of kit, taking one last riding lesson and seeing family for the last time before we leave.

I fly to Amsterdam on Monday for 3 days - not part of our main trip, but it'll be good to have some actual travel to report back on - bring it on!