Friday, May 11, 2007

life on the rails - part 1 ...

So it's goodbye St. Petersburg as we take the first (and shortest) leg of the epic railway journey across Asia - the 8-hour sleeper train Moscow. Sleeper may be not be the best description - jiggling around slipping in and out of consciousness to a constant clackety-clack would probably be more apt. However overall our first taste of Russian railways was pretty good, the train was clean and fairly comfortable - and luckily it wasn't full, so we managed to get a 4-berth compartment to ourselves for the night. The trains seem to run minute perfect here - so we set our alarm for 6am, and after freshening up, ate our breakfast boxes as the scenery changed from a sea of birch to villages vaguely reminiscent of the opening scenes of Borat as we approached the outskirts of Moscow. We'd pre-booked our hotel for Moscow, but somehow we managed to forget to print the directions - so armed with only the postal address and worrying memories of reading "Moscow experiences" we pulled in to the station at 7am, just in time for the Saturday morning rush hour .......

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