Sunday, April 29, 2007

Letting the pot go to your head ...

What a busy time since my last post ...

I've been making a few final arrangements for the trip, before heading to Amsterdam for 3 days with the Sales Team from work. This is one city where there is always plenty to see and do, and as "trip organiser" I decided the best way to let everyone see the city and have fun was to organise a treasure hunt.
So I could take part too I drafted in some help with the clues (thanks Jo!) which had us careering around Amsterdam on foot and by tram to get photos of the team solving as many clues and bonus task points as possible.

See Team 1 (left) earning 10 points by getting their photos taken aboard a houseboat - with an extra 5 points for getting the owner in the shot too.

We quickly discovered that some tasks are easier than others - strangely both teams managed to find time to complete the "have a beer" task as shown by Team 2 below right.

The unseaonsally warm weather (upto 27 degrees C) and hard work put in by both teams left us all in need of a seriously relaxing drink before dinner - enter our boat the Paradis, which took us around the city in rather more style as we enjoyed some chilled drinks from the bar.

For our final destination of treasure hunt day our skipper dropped us off at the Sea Palace floating Chinese restaurant near to Amserdam's Centraal Station - good food, even if the waitress was a little domineering!

One of my favourite moments of the trip has to be down to Mikey - who, after untangling a young lady from her bicycle following a collision, managed to complete his charming introduction by dropping the bike on her - apparently this is de rigeur in Mike's hometown of Liverpool.

The final photo sums up what Amsterdam is all about ... this guy was so obviously "on the pot" ... or is that the other way around?

3 fantastically fun but exhausting days later and I'm back in the office for one final day - before we complete our final preparations over this weekend.


chrisindubai said...

I've got a photo of you in a similar position to that bloke with a plant on his head - it was at the Phoenix Festival (remember that?) but instead of a small tree, you were balancing a pint pot.

Maybe I should give the photo the title; "Letting the Beer go to your Head" - and it wouldn't be the first time, either!


T1RBO said...

How many more false starts?

I expect to see you planting a CAP flag on Everest or meeting the Dalai Lama.

This is starting to look like a "jolly" not the serious piece of research that you convinced me of...

Have a great trip!