Tuesday, March 06, 2007

6-inches from death ....

I think I have discovered how this blogging works.

Sunday, create blog.
Monday morning, wonder what to write about.
Monday evening, first on the scene in a near fatal road accident.

So anyway Lee, it was nice talking to you while we waited for the police, fire and ambulance to arrive, cut you out and take you to hospital. The 6-foot fencepost through your windscreen was a real sight .. we honestly didn't know what we we're going to find when we got to the car.

I'm not sure which will be the more painful - broken bones knitting back together or the "feedback" you're no doubt in for from your parents on your driving.

Mel & I wish you a speedy recovery - and sorry for the joke about your car needing a wash.

1 comment:

mikehind said...

Let's hope that's the unhappiest subject matter you'll ever have to post.